Below are tools and resources to help you garden here in our great Bay Area. These are tools and guides that I use, or have used, in the past. You will find some affiliate links among these, and if you follow them, I will get a little money at no cost to you.


Bay Area Guide to Growing Cucumbers

Cucumber sandwiches, fresh tzatziki, and home-canned pickles can all be yours with a little preparation and modicum of effort. In the Bay Area, you may find your cucumber vines out of control with way more cukes than you and your family can handle. What Cucumber […]

Bay Area Guide to Growing Tomatoes

This is a looooong guide, but I wanted to be thorough and explain why some things are the way they are. Edit 9/17/2020: If you want a simple, one-page guide to Growing Tomatoes, check out my new Tomato Growing Guide Printable! First: Where you Garden […]

Bay Area Planting Calendar

When Should I Plant ___? It’s a question that’s not easy to answer just by referring to your seed packets, the way you can in many other parts of the US. “3 to 4 weeks after last frost,” huh? We don’t, um, have a frost, […]

Botanical Interests Seed Packet
Sources for Organic Seeds

Most edible gardening starts with seeds, and there’s nothing more fun to do on a cool, rainy evening than thumb through a seed catalog and plan for the next summer’s tasty delights. The companies below all have wonderful websites, and I do usually purchase my […]

Books essential for SF Bay Gardeners
Bay Area Gardening Reading Guide

Gardening is so tactile, so visceral. You smell the soil, separate tiny seeds, and get your hands dirty. It’s only natural to want a physical book to thumb through at on those rainy, cold, non-gardening days when you’re dreaming of what to plant next. This […]