Baker’s Twine: The Most Versatile Gardening Tool

Baker’s Twine: The Most Versatile Gardening Tool

It’s crazy to me that I haven’t written about this before. I use this tool all the time in the garden, and I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I never just came out and admitted that this item is truly the best thing to have in your garden, PERIOD.

Baker’s twine.

Bakers Twine
Baker’s twine. So humble, but so useful

Yep, seriously.

I love this stuff.

First off, it’s like $5 for a million yards of it.

Second, it lasts forever. I have some bits I used 6 years ago to tie tomato branches to my tomato cages that’s still tied, and still usable if I didn’t think to bring out my twine cone that day. I just take the frayed bits and, if they’re long enough, tie up what I need to.

Bakers Twine used on Tomato cages
An example of an older bit of twine holding up this year’s tomato plants.

Third, it’s cotton, so it’s biodegradable (eventually).

Fourth, it has so many uses.

  • Tie up tomato branches to cages to keep tomatoes off the ground
  • Make lines for beans, peas, gourds, hops, cucumbers, etc. to climb
  • Tie bundles of herbs for drying
  • Lash bamboo together when building trellises (though Bamboo Lashing is definitely superior for this task)
  • Attach poles together for bean teepees
  • Wrap around black plastic when suppressing nasty weeds like fennel and blackberry
  • Tie down the corners of your pop-up greenhouse when the provided twine isn’t long enough
  • Making bundles of cardboard for recycling pickup
  • Wrapping gifts to give them a “rustic” look
  • All those normal kitchen uses (if you haven’t dropped the cone in the soil 50 times already, like I have)
Hops climbing cotton twine
Hops climbing baker’s twine.

So, when you run out of whatever string-type alternative you use for similar purposes in your garden, do yourself a favor and buy an industrial-sized cone of baker’s twine and for the next 20 years or so, you and your garden will thank you.

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