Tomato Growing Guide Printable

Tomato Growing Guide Printable

There are tools that I bring into the garden with me, like a shovel, clippers, and gloves. These things are meant to get dirty or wet. Gardens are not “clean” places. For that reason, I find it very difficult to have my reference materials, like books or even a website on my phone, on-hand outside. Paper gets dirty, and my phone is not something I want to accidentally drop into a newly dug planting hole.

I’ve started using plastic folders (like these) when I need my garden planning map with me outside. I’ve also used a laminator to make a permanently clean version of my Bay Area planting calendar. But when I need to remember how deep to plant my tomato seeds, or be reminded to put fertilizer into the planting holes, I need to go back in the house. I hate wasting time like that when I already have so little to spare.

So, I have created the first of a series of simple and easy-to-read planting guides: The Tomato Growing Guide Printable
Download the Tomato Growing Guide as a printable PDF

This guide has all the critical information for growing tomatoes in the Bay Area, and nothing extraneous. You’ll find planting depth, seed-starting timing, fertilization advice, and a reminder to harden off your seedlings before transferring them outside.

It’s all on one page, and can be printed and then laminated or collected in sheet protectors or plastic folders to keep it safe outside. And when you need more depth of information on any topic of the printable, you can always come back to the Bay Area Guide to Growing Tomatoes on this site!

If enough people download it, I’ll look to create more for other veggies, as well as hardening off calendars and soil mix recipes.

Please comment and let me know if you like it, or if you think it’s missing anything.

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  • It will be of great help for us that is a beginners. We need all kinds of guide and knowledge to make it right. Keep it up.

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